From the forum to the electricity supplier what is worth buying the east gradually road

Abstract: the Western tide is not only a realistic portrayal of what is worth buying for the past 5 years, but also the profound writing of the Internet of China, which is based on C2C (Copy, 2, China), over the past ten years.

Jomashop currently offers $20995, down to 54% off of the original price, the recent good price, the transfer of about 130400 yuan. The domestic price of 270 thousand yuan, Taobao purchasing price of about 182400-248000 yuan, the price advantage is obvious and the fidelity of the sea amoy. High priced watches recommend human flesh back.

this is the website "what is worth buying" on the recommendation of a watch, more than 130 thousand yuan of the price, unexpectedly attracted the user has been favorable. Obviously, not the "value of friends" (what is worth buying web site users claiming that) income and consumption levels have reached such a level, we are more just a laugh and watch.

what has become a unique culture worth buying?. This attitude and atmosphere on the website of the old users who are not familiar with, they will because the algorithm Pinyin input method and what is worth buying the nickname as "rapist Zhang aunt", even the official website you are willing to accept this title and in the official WeChat copy, announce the content in such a claim.


, the new user will understand this and the user community culture? First exposure to what is worth buying the users to see 97% of users believe that the Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and the Audemars Pigeut (Audemars Piguet) racing together bridle to bridle when the watch is worth buying, they can accept this website to promote "what to buy" concept


"I think from any website, is the process of growth and development, will encounter this problem, it is part of the user you originally accompany you grow up together and you want to go for a broader group of users, this one contradiction, I think this Jingdong five years ago also encountered this problem, so I think the special process can clearly feel that when in fact, Liu will have a struggle that the." This year just took over what is worth buying website CEO that Xin told me.

, who has served as Jingdong’s vice president of intelligent introduction, Jingdong executives have many people are "value friends."".

was founded in 5 years, what is worth buying the new old user is changing, at the same time, changes of the development of the electricity supplier industry, consumer groups and their habits and the entire Internet surging prompted this now to become a hitherto unknown Consumer Portal the reform reform.

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to this day, HiPDA is still a registered, vetted forum,

Sui Guodong set up what was worth buying in 2010