How many points do you need to be a successful webmaster

how to make their website successful, everyone knows, good website promotion is the first, but only this is not enough, there are other things you need to have. The author according to years of experience in the station, draw the following points, I hope we learn from each other.

first: there’s a good teacher,

if grassroots webmaster has a master to take you, can let you avoid detours and less setbacks. It’s not easy to be a successful site. Complicated details can make people feel very troublesome. When you don’t know the direction of the data in the website, you have to rely on your own study, you can find the feeling of standing. In fact, this is a good teacher to give you advice, a point of penetration is good, compared to only rely on their own learning is a lot of energy. Especially when the station first started a little experience no problem, the head is big, if he met a good teacher, give you a hint, find the direction for you, you can not only solve the problem immediately, and benefited from.

second points: perseverance, perseverance,

I just say two important parts, and it’s important for optimization. First is the content of the original website, followed by a regular increase in the chain. Site traffic is not much, this is a lot of webmaster worried place. How to increase traffic, the first thing to do is to persevere, update the content of the site every day, and then find the problem, find a good way to solve the problem. Success is not an easy thing to do, is not fun, no patience, without the difficulties of temper, no death determination, it is difficult to achieve success at the top.

third: do search engine optimization

Most of the survival of

grassroots sites relies on search engines. And the purpose of optimization is to let Baidu, GG and other search engine attention, etc., search engine strategy is to increase traffic, persistent promotion is essential. However, promotion must persist for a long time, can not do a day without a day. Success is not a matter of two days. It must be done continuously.

fourth points: see more learning

in fact do not deliberately do some popular keywords, appropriate choice of long tail keywords is also good, but a selected keyword unremittingly to do so, many people see how to do up, compared to their practices and lack of correct reference, others do stand experience, learn ism, good to others hand to take over.

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