Chinese grassroots webmaster you are very good very powerful

if ten years ago that he would become a grassroots webmaster today, I will choose to stay at home to plow fields, because do it really tired, I have to boast about our webmaster nice day, not tired at the computer hard farming their own website, isolated themselves but, the desired flow dependent search engine in the boss several money shameless on which the boss class people do not know the status of today is come from, every day K stand down right IP more PV more let the death ghost salesman phone bombing forced to let you do advertising, is really more than the landlord rent year also busy, no way the webmaster can only as tenants can’t resist, only in the webmaster website long station behind these local grievances, look for the concert.

well, still less a few curses, after all, is facing the screen with, not what function, not about their how the owners, to share their own 3 acres to.

a 80, the university did not how to read, sleep basically did not learn what the graduate classes, to better mix can go out to practice, he cast his resume crazy in 51, but was lucky to see a new business on the Internet burn boss, several professional words in the evening before in the book see the interview after this, I became the first site supervisor, what all don’t understand, under several people to live, only crustily skin of head, side while learning to do, from the initial planning website operation promotion to the development direction of the shelves, not a place to myself think, not what experience, naturally do not how, fortunately do IP or tens of thousands of little feeling, but not too much income, the boss gave the order, not done, I became a vagrant, had just graduated, then rented a house, led the cable Buy space, buy domain name, do crazy station, although sometimes the flow is very high, but it is not by K ranking disappeared, then began to reflect on their own, do so much is not right, the old real teacher finally began to make a stand, and then do the own resources, their own learning the article, all the original, not accumulation of keywords, not excessive optimization, really flow is very good, he is very comfortable, IP a day more than a day. They also slowly see hope,

said so many words, do stop and behave like find a good target, adhere to the right way to go, do not envy others how much, how much money do not want others to short time, go to the end, these are some.

finally dedicated to our grassroots Webmaster: the original station you go all the way.