To do some of the net real thinking

1., website must have practical content, to have real needs of things, you can think of now what Internet users need? If you are doing Webmaster Station, you can think about what the webmaster needs.

remember, "it’s better to be a station that is really useful than anything.".

2. makes yourself the first loyal user of your website. You do a useful website, and of course you have to use it yourself. If you don’t even want to use it, how do you make someone else use it?

doing so will allow you to consider the issue from the user’s point of view, and you’ll find out where your site is doing badly and where it needs improvement.

3., when you have used it, feel satisfied and then push it, if you need someone to use it, and listen to their opinions,


4. content is the need to constantly update, so that people come back to see the reason. (to copy, but to copy good, the essence of the visitors need to copy. Don’t take a stand, but a group of copy station, those stations copied this way, essence, even those who stand before the user know you copy, but eventually came to you. Why, because this one is equal to you on a station station, and is the essence.


5. tries to improve the user’s online time, of course, not evil, not allowed, so that you can enhance the stickiness of the site and evaluation.

6. find some excellent colleagues, do some friendship link.

7. understand some SEO common sense, appropriate in doing now own website. But overdo it, or you’ll regret it.

8., do not care about the ranking of search engines, just care about the user’s feelings, as long as the user likes, search engines will not like it, you can rest assured.


9. is free, write some gun copies to practice writing, and promote the popularity of the website.

10. to ensure that the site access speed and stability, this is important! Do not save money! In fact, the speed is also someone else to your web site sufficient reason!


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