Why are high quality forums and communities not long in the country

I must first be sure: Chinese there have been some high quality BBS, community, or mobile community now; also must admit, I like the hope to get more nutrition knowledge, white compatriots: longing for the high quality of the forum and the existence of agency.


but there is a phenomenon that we have to admit. High quality forums and communities are not long in the country.

said Tianya, mop.com, Xicihutong

, a has a high quality of the user, the user finally leaving them with the same experience.

‘s original high-end people and high-quality users in various industries have strong reading and value both in content, comments, opinions, and answers.

then gradually increased visibility, the community more and more users through threshold, in addition to some high quality elite to join more "civilians", they may be in order to learn the knowledge of nutrition, but a "civilian" community began to like them back to the level of speaking gossip, playing abuse, it seems that he is omniscient, the quality of youth is actually detest the world and its ways, ignorance, no nutrition boring family; there is a wave of people already play the "interests" of the acquisition, all kinds of irrigation, advertising, soft wen…… Community content quality decreases transiently.

as more and more users into the original high quality inferior community, forum, high-quality high-end people began to flee, eventually leading to the entire community quality and reputation of the decline, and its profit model is not clear and is hard to sustain in the long run community is another fatal factor.

mop.com, Xicihutong is dim, Tianya community is preparing for the listing, seek to change community types, in order to profit in order to survive, perhaps after the listing, the financing horizon we can find the way to survive, but also had not the year.

, now,

from the first to invite high quality users, from all walks of life to some big chiefs, days before the loss of V users, such as marketing appear irrigation hydrology, known as experiencing from a "strict control" to "chaos" process.

also had a high quality community in the early days, knowing that the first elite would have been attracted by it, but in the end it could not escape its fate.

is now known, is of high quality and chaos and confusion, from the strict control into the pace, known also faces two major problems: profit and specification.

why high quality forum, community at home and not long? As a pure and good content sharing, for many people are asking, is a very good, but when more comprehensive user interests (>