O2O has become a new model of electricity supplier online and offline to open the electricity suppli

in the past more than 10 years, after the electricity supplier in the field of development of the C2C and B2C as well as B2B and other forms of electricity providers, Taobao market changed our understanding of the electricity supplier, we can say there is no Taobao and once popular in China over a period of time there is no eBay, now make the electricity industry like a raging fire in our country. Tmall, Jingdong, Suning become the current development of the electricity supplier in the field of three carriages, however, with nearly two years the price of electricity supplier in the field of shopping and complaints from consumers emerge in an endless stream, only rely on the Internet which is the only channel development of the electricity supplier seems to encounter the bottleneck.


force in the field of electronic business for many years, but the achievements of a huge cast made a yell of the electricity supplier giant quasi Tencent, once the electricity supplier strategy has been difficult to mention, even once the eBay had to leave Chinese market, from the electricity supplier in the field of ups and downs, especially in recent years, Taobao and Tmall in sales gradually showing a decline of view, the development of China’s electricity industry has experienced a tremendous bottleneck, and the core of the bottleneck of traditional electricity supplier is no better protection for consumers, which naturally attracted consumers choose to leave.

O2O has become a life-saving straw in the field of electricity supplier

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development on the one hand, the traditional electricity supplier in the field of bottlenecks, but on the other hand, with the rise of mobile Internet, O2O the local life service business model has become the current hot hot business model. This will combine online and offline business model to effectively enhance the consumer confidence in the electricity supplier, and communicate with each other whenever and wherever possible, coupled with the advantages of localization, can quickly let the sponsor to find a suitable own consumption category, for example, through WeChat’s circle of friends will be able to find 123 friends go to the local characteristics the snack shop gobble down. And the beauty of women will be invited to have a discount bestie mall shopping spree.

But whether it is

or dinner or shopping spree, can advance through the online booking, and then to the field of consumption, which can not only make their consumption can be further reduced, but also be able to enjoy more cost-effective services. This is the localization of the O2O business to bring consumers to temptation, it is such a temptation, many traditional department stores also took a fancy to this point, so the Wangfujing and Nanjing department stores and other traditional retail stores have played the O2O mode, hoping to let yourself have a Internet thinking.

O2O is not everything. It has many difficulties,

looks like O2O this electricity supplier model can solve the problem of consumer distrust, will discount and convenient and effective combination, so that it can effectively break the bottleneck of the current electricity supplier development. But in fact O2O this business model itself also has some difficulties, on the one hand, the user how to evaluate? As long as involving electricity would involve the user’s evaluation, many people will compare prices carefully before consumption, and thus to obtain first-hand data, consumption in O2O >