When you encounter Baidu K you must stick to it

, a web site that suddenly failed to search in Baidu engines, is often thought to be Baidu K. Recently, Baidu has been adjusted, suffered Baidu K site is also more, about Baidu included topic also spread noisily.

a website has been Baidu K, to survive, different church difficult. Baidu is the lifeline of a website. If a website loses Baidu, it will lose the market on the internet. In a sense, Baidu holds a website of the reins. Perhaps many stationmaster does not admit this fact, but have to face this fact.

recently, I’ve been watching the Baidu engine. Personally think, the three major search engines, in Google, YAHOO search, Baidu engine is the worst search engine, and its performance is really not flattering. But most domestic users are using Baidu, as a webmaster, we have to face such a fact, although Baidu is so bad, but we still cannot leave Baidu.

Baidu has been adjusting its algorithms recently, and one of its core concerns is the user’s search experience. User centric, all around the user to turn, this approach commendable. This is similar to the business to customers, to consumers as the center, the customer is god.

Baidu although bad, but it has self-knowledge, knowing that the hardware can not, from the software work hard. Baidu’s approach is very good, in this case, many sites have become victims. Did Baidu do manual intervention? None of us knew it. But I believe the search engine is fair and it doesn’t target a particular person. Why would Baidu on your website so unkind? The reason, many webmaster at this time, not according to Baidu’s "appetite" to the construction site, now Baidu, Baidu has not previously, you still clinging to the old ideas, old brains, Baidu think you die. K you.

when encounter Baidu K, many webmaster chose to abandon domain name, another note a domain name, comeback. This is not the best way? Of course not, this is to build a website, your promotion is cast to the wind.

my website just built two months, was Baidu K two times, K time before and after about a month or so, those times, disheartened, also thought of giving up. But later thought, change a domain name, and later by Baidu K, how to do?


don’t give up, just don’t have Baidu and stick to it.

so I checked my website carefully and didn’t check anything out.

next, I found some to the site outside the chain, fortunately, I met many webmaster friends in stationmaster net, they did not abstain from my site is K, there are several webmaster link to my site, I also wrote many relevant construction site of the original article, blog. He then submitted his website to Baidu.