Wuxi a woman fried crude oil one hundred thousand yuan a week left behind by nine thousand

with the popularity of the Internet in life, Internet banking have emerged, we need only through the Internet related financial management, but there is also a certain risk. In June this year, who lives in Ms. Fang Wuxi Binhu Zhou Xinyuan police said he was claiming to be "trader" fraud, the other recommended the fried oil, from April 7th to April 12th account for less than a week’s time, the remaining $100 thousand in the account 9000 yuan Ms. fang. Wuxi Binhu police investigation, after investigation, arrested the suspect Zou Moumou 36 people from Shanghai the day before.

recalled, the end of March this year, she received a phone call at home, claiming to be a certain trader who recommended her fried oil, after the QQ through contact with each other, each other through remote operation for its opening in a trading platform, and bind Ms. Fang bank card will be 100 thousand yuan into the transaction account for investment, crude oil. In the meantime, each transaction is the other side of the computer to buy a specific number of hands through the computer, and then let the other side of the side of the computer to click on the confirmation transaction.

account from April 7th to April 12th, less than a week’s time, the original account of the original 100 thousand yuan only $9000. Suspicion of fraud, Ms. Fang asked the other side to say that the other party to the transaction is the company’s behavior, the investment itself has earned compensation for refusing to pay. Ms. Fang immediately alarm.

in June this year, Binhu police after investigation, at the end of August to Shanghai, arresting 36 people in an office building in Minhang District.

it is understood that the suspect is usually under the guise of the identity of the formal financial institutions researcher, with the old shareholders as the goal, and through each other to discuss the stock market to close the distance, and then recommend its crude oil transactions. During this period, they will exaggerate the proceeds of crude oil, induce the other account. Most of the victims of the so-called crude oil transactions do not understand, holding the mentality to try to invest, but almost all of the operations are controlled by each other, investors need to pay high fees for each transaction.

It is reported that

, the account provided by the other system looks more formal, and for the first time when the injection of funds "into the" gold "gold" operation is also very smooth, even if some people start a skeptical, after the capital operation after the successful roll out gradually dispel the doubts. But in fact, the police arrested the people involved in the case, no relevant certificate in a financial transaction, for Ms. Fang et al trading operations company, company introduction, the identity of persons who are suspected of fraud constitution.

Wuxi, a woman fried crude oil, one hundred thousand yuan a week left behind by the so-called "trader" fooled, this is not a thing she cheated, there are a lot of the same people caught in a trap. Reporters learned from the police, recommended