What is the cost of opening a barbecue shop

how much does it cost to open a barbecue shop? Many franchisees want to start a barbecue shop, but the cost is not very clear. In fact, this problem with the way you choose to operate the brand and the way there is a great deal of relevance, the following small make a brief introduction, I hope you can help prepare the venture capital.

Open grill stalls, a lot of class, such as Korean barbecue buffet barbecue shop, in general, different form certainly there is a big difference in terms of investment, but the shop hardware facilities is essential. To consider a barbecue stove, refrigerator, carving machine, mixer, furniture, tableware, cashier system, display cabinet, exhaust system, work clothes, the total cost of equipment in general 1-5 million, according to the size and grade of the face shop.

in addition to consider is the pre shop rent, renovation costs. In this regard, the cost of different geographical location, different economic levels are very different, the higher the level of the economy is often a lot of pre investment, investors need to examine the local market to do a detailed analysis. Generally calculate the total investment of a barbecue shop in general more than 50 thousand.

Open grill cost according to the regional brand, with specific factors, we are very clear now, business investment is not the point of funds is absolutely impossible, so generally choose a reliable partner is very good. The above analysis hopes to help you prepare investment funds.

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