Open a pet shop to make money

presumably everyone on a year’s Spring Festival Gala on a sketch of the lines and the impression of it, before raising a son called a dog, now raising a puppy called his son." This strongly reflect the trends, current pet power, which gives entrepreneurs bring new thinking of entrepreneurship. But open a pet shop to make money? Let’s take a look at the following example analysis.

"at the beginning, a sale is not easy. Because people’s feeding habits of dogs is not good to change." Xu Ying said that she was busy for a year in the first year, a reckoning, lost. Now the average monthly turnover of ten thousand yuan.

[] Xu Ying wisely said, the dog class of people who are seemingly huge market, but in order to do this business, not the facade decoration in luxury goods, prepare some can make money. After all these years, I feel that in addition to the necessary professional knowledge and experience, how you treat the door to the dog, determines whether you can get the trust of the owner of the dog. In addition, the bike to the car and the great view is insufficient."

speaking operating on the originality, Xu Ying seriously wants to say: "don’t abandon the dog, the dog is good. The store to sell things, are the first to let their dog had tried before eating to recommend to customers." When asked if the store looks shabby, whether it affects the customer’s trust in you, she smiled: "there will be a little. But I can through my years of experience, to provide customers with the services they need most