How to choose the price of coffee drinks

now there are a lot of franchisees choose to invest in coffee drinks franchise stores, such investment location if it is clear, then the price will be easier to promote. Many franchisees do not know how to price, in fact, this problem is very worthy of discussion, after all, has a very big impact on store operations.

coffee franchise market orientation determines the main methods of coffee chain stores to obtain profits is to increase sales, and improve the sales of one of the key factors is to have the correct price strategy, pricing strategy of coffee chain stores are generally three kinds of Pricing: cost plus pricing. That is, the cost plus a certain percentage of pricing, different coffee chain will use a different percentage. This is the easiest way. Target return pricing. That is to set a target rate of return, as the price of the standard, according to the target rate of return to calculate the target profit margin. To achieve the expected revenue target when the sales are expected.

coffee drinks stores differentiate demand pricing. In the pricing of the coffee chain, according to different guests (target market), different locations, time, different levels of consumption, the difference between pricing. This pricing strategy is easy to obtain the trust of the guests, but not easy to master. Understanding value pricing. Coffee chain stores provide food and beverage and its quality, function, service, advertising and other marketing to "non price factors", make the guest to form a concept of the coffee chain products, according to this concept, with corresponding values of consumer price.

coffee drinks franchise business prospects, joined the enthusiasm high. If you do not know what the product pricing problem, can seek experienced business help, information arrangement and hope to provide some answers for you, so you can easily grasp the profit, to obtain a comprehensive security management.

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