Economic crime fled overseas and useless Jiangsu arrested 103 fugitives abroad

some of the economic crimes in our lives are common to us, but in the past many of the criminals chose to flee abroad in order to evade domestic law related sanctions. The morning of December 8th, the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau held a press conference to inform the community of Jiangsu in 2016 the public security organs to arrest suspects at large overseas economic ("fox hunting action") work. As of the end of this year, Jiangsu public security organs have been arrested from 21 countries and regions overseas fugitives, 103.

according to the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director Xia Cunxi introduction, this year, the province’s public security organs at all levels in the Ministry of public security under the command of the police departments, coordination and cooperate closely with all the police day and night, tenacious struggle, adhere to the "there must escape the chase, a catch in the end, to promote the province’s" fox hunting action "in depth to carry out, and achieved remarkable results.

up to now, the province’s public security organs from 21 countries and regions overseas captured 103 fugitives, the arrest of 67, persuaded to return to 36, involving more than ten million yuan in 50, more than billion in 13, involving a total amount of more than 8 billion yuan. Assist the discipline, procuratorial organs duty crime overseas arrest 2 fugitives, arrest 9 fugitives overseas customs smuggling.

"Fox", the province’s public security organs to strengthen information comprehensive analysis, for each fugitive different characteristics, one by one to develop targeted measures to arrest, the full implementation of "a case of a policy". At the same time, the integrated use of extradition, repatriation, prosecution offsite, quanfan and other means to further increase overseas arrest efforts this year, the Ministry of public security in the unified leadership, the Jiangsu public security organs group to go abroad to carry out work more than 10 times, directly captured more than 40 fugitives.

6 29, under the leadership of the Ministry of public security, Jiangsu public security organs went to Philippines, will be suspected of organizing the leadership of pyramid schemes and fund-raising fraud crimes through the red outside escaped Deng Moumou successfully captured. Since 2012, Deng Moumou together with others to set up a "BMW" marketing organization on the Internet, and the formation of covering 23 provinces (city) the marketing network, the development of the marketing staff of more than 40 thousand people, involving 15 more than 100 million yuan.

Jiangsu police the province is still at large overseas economic crime suspects again, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the international pursuit of stolen goods, law enforcement cooperation between China and overseas police more closely, many fled years of foreign fugitives were successfully captured, fully proved that overseas is not outside the law, nor avoid sin heaven. I hope the fugitives as soon as possible to give up the wrong understanding, cherish the opportunity to voluntarily surrender to the public security organs, truthfully confessed his crime.

economic crime fled overseas also useless Jiangsu public security organs arrested 103 foreign fugitives

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