Art toilet investment prospects

toilet is one of the essential bathroom supplies in people’s lives, and now bathroom products are constantly developing and upgrading, the emergence of the art toilet products. Is this type of product worth investing? Good market prospects? If you are interested in a small group can understand the next.

Art toilet if there is such an art toilet stores, the shop is a giant toilet cover, store the toilet is the World Park: deep sea fish and seaweed, burning passion of the desert oasis, funny comics, horrible monsters such as toilet everything. Sit on a pink toilet and pick up an art toilet to go home and make a fresh start in your life. I believe that such an artistic toilet shop will be able to attract a lot of consumers stop to wait and see, to meet those who are full of life and change the desire for novelty, but also will bring considerable benefits to the operator.

investment analysis

if you choose the toilet just ordinary material, then the investment 250 thousand yuan will be able to open completely.

general budget as follows: rent, pay 1 years 40 thousand yuan (each city, 500 different order ordinary toilet), calculated by 200 yuan each, a total of 100 thousand yuan; 2 sets of computer, because want to do the design, configuration and the latest. The cost of 20 thousand yuan; design personnel 4, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan, such as the table you know art, this fee free; service personnel 3, a monthly salary of 800 yuan, a total of 2400 yuan, the leaflets and advertising expenses totaling 50 thousand yuan; and drawing, decorative materials, office supplies, a total of about 250 thousand yuan.

art can toilet prices ranging from several hundred dollars to thousands of yuan, mainly according to the materials used to japonica, most suitable for ordinary household toilet and convenient replacement. Like the newspaper version of the toilet, will use a special plastic paper collage on the toilet, the above news sidesplitting.

shopThe popularity of

can organize strong marketing activities: Please first-class designers in the future Restroom, please the singer to sing the praises of the toilet, please, flower, tea house pianist performing arts sitting on the toilet, this new concept of advertising not only may change the perceptions of the horse barrel, also has turn bad into good. The toilet, art to attract more people to come to watch, make them aware of the art of toilet inner beauty, so they have to buy art toilet impulse.