American otaku rely on the game to buy a real estate game anchor otaku model

extra! United States rely on the game to earn a huge fortune otaku, Ho throw thirty million yuan to buy a mansion, there is also a large luxury villa swimming pool, so the winner of life can be called an example of free entrepreneurs.

reported that the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, Mullen (Sunset  Strip) to buy a $4 million 500 thousand (about 28 million 500 thousand yuan) of the house, an area of 115 square, including 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and large swimming pool and SPA pool, floor outside the scenery is like a picture beautiful paintings, there are gorgeous locker rooms, bars, outdoor BBQ baked Taiwan, is entirely in the dream house, but also become a real super inspirational story.

Mullen in the game host occupation has been developed as a new network of occupation. Even in China, the annual income of the top game anchor is also more than the existence of more than ten million yuan level. So don’t say otaku who do not make money, maybe they have the next Mullen.

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