Chongqing’s first new venture service platform U create a space set up


; now the whole community has been in a mass of innovation and public entrepreneurship in a new era, under the social background of the country are actively promoting public business in Chongqing, in order to promote entrepreneurs entrepreneurial activity, specially set up business service platform.

accompanied by "public entrepreneurship, innovation", "public record" and other economic hot words continued warming, the morning of August 13th 10, located in Yuzhong District of Chongqing City, Chongqing City, the first new business service platform (U space) was officially inaugurated.

with tendency of innovation 3 era user innovation, mass innovation, open innovation, Chongqing District of Yuzhong city in the regional innovation atmosphere further strong, a substantial increase in entrepreneurial intention. A wave of entrepreneurship is surging in Chongqing, but many entrepreneurs difficult to set up the project, hard to find a place to start, lack of funds…… High entrepreneurial enthusiasm suffered a stumbling block, the entrepreneurial path decide on what path to follow? It is July 23, 2015 in this context, Chongqing cream Business Incubator Co. Ltd and Chongqing celebrities mansion officially signed a lease agreement, Klem (Group) intends heavily to build the "U space" project was officially settled in Chongqing District of Yuzhong city Binjiang corridor.

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