College students do not have money to do business

many college students want to start their own business, but suffer from no venture capital, so many people think of venture capital loans, but also in the process of specific business loans also have a lot of problems.

"project plans to write very detailed, is a good plan." Just graduated from Beijing Wuzi University, Zhang Wenlong, entrepreneurial program has won the recognition of many professionals, but he took this business plan ready to start the business, but can not melt into the start-up funds. Not long ago, he passed the Beijing municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, there are special small loans for entrepreneurial projects, and for the self-employed loan amount has been increased to 80 thousand yuan, so he began to actively running in the industry and commerce, taxation, banking, streets and other government departments between.

Survey China youth daily social investigation center and jointly carried out by

, for major difficulties in college students’ independent entrepreneurship, 79.1% of Internet users believe that the "lack of funds, financing difficulties, 61.2% of Internet users believe that the lack of management experience, 52% of people said that" the market is difficult to promote. "There are 24.9% of people think that" cooperation and coordination "team problems.

Vc firm before the investment project is focused on the project feasibility and the project team’s maturity, so do not know much about the operating rules of the market for college students, Vc firm financing is not reality, the success rate is very low. Up to now, the probability of success through Vc firm financing is extremely low. An analyst said on condition of anonymity Vc firm.