How to successfully open home accessories store

Chinese whole life level has been significantly improved, many people also have higher requirements in life, such as in the Home Furnishing requirements continue to increase, people now pay much attention to the quality of life Home Furnishing, many people love to display a variety of exquisite jewelry at home, so open a jewelry store and Home Furnishing more popular, but for entrepreneurs, in order to successfully run a furniture shop, it is also important to understand the corresponding business skills, now we have to understand the specific to this problem. read more

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72 million purchase services benefit people

Pay by the government, according to the requirements of the masses, providing pension, employment training and other public service for everyone, has become a city of "the government departments in charge of the overall change, and institutions to undertake the traditional social management system is one of the important measures to deepen the reform of the social realm. Recently, a reporter to interview me, the purchase of public service a few pilot projects to understand, this year the city has invested 72 million yuan to buy public service, not only let the people get the benefits, but also stimulate the enthusiasm of social organizations participating in social management and services. Government spending money to buy services, in fact, people order, the government pay, social forces work". I am from the city to the people most concerned about basic public education, employment, social security, health, culture and sports, environmental sanitation, market supervision and other 14 areas, 118 specific services, from food waste removal and harmless treatment, the disabled rehabilitation, pension, employment training and other 15 projects the pilot, covering 11 areas of government purchase of public services. Currently, the city’s 15 pilot projects in the project has been identified to undertake the main subject of the implementation of the enterprise, to carry out the work of government procurement of services in the 13. The reporter to buy public services in some government of Xining Yihe Park, Qinghai province elderly computer network training school, Qinghai Jieshen Environment Energy Industry Co Ltd and other pilot units learned that the government purchase of services, included in the pilot of private pension institutions operating difficult dilemma can be improved, the continuous improvement of business and services through the purchase of government promoting services; the social training institutions through the bidding to join the government purchase of public service operations, greatly expand the training for laid-off workers and peasants of the energy; the kitchen garbage disposal project was included in the first batch of pilot government purchase of public services, the cost of transportation and treatment and disposal is further clear, improve the level of service quality and collection and disposal. The Municipal Finance Bureau staff told reporters that the government purchase of services to the social forces, turned to mobilize social forces to participate in the provision of public services, reasonable budget, will use limited funds to the people most in need of place.     read more

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Efforts to promote the CPPCC work to move forward

"I will not live up to the trust of the provincial Party committee of the municipal Party committee, do not live up to expectations, unite and rely on the committee, the CPPCC participating units and the community, the fine tradition of inheriting and carrying forward the CPPCC, adapt to the new situation, in accordance with the new requirements, to perform their duties, diligent and enterprising, efforts to promote the work of the CPPCC, I continue to move forward." February 5th, the newly elected CPPCC Chairman Ma Haiying in an interview with this reporter, said.

refers to the new post the next CPPCC although Ma Haiying, claiming to be the CPPCC recruits, but confidence in the future, have the ability to do a good job of new confidence. Ma Haiying said that the new situation for the development of the people’s Political Consultative Conference provides a new opportunity for the new task of the CPPCC work put forward higher requirements. We must have a high sense of historical responsibility and sense of mission, with more political enthusiasm, more high spirits, to carry out the work of the CPPCC, and make new contributions to promoting the development of the cppcc.

on how to do the work of the CPPCC, Ma Haiying said, one is the leadership of the party, maintain a correct political direction. Around the municipal government center to perform their functions, and strive to create a good atmosphere to work together, forge ahead, to lay a firm foundation for the realization of the ideological and political city thirteen Party Congress proposed the goal. Two is to adhere to the overall situation, earnestly fulfill the three functions of the cppcc. Around the center, serving the overall situation as the first task of the cppcc. Give full play to the CPPCC talents, intelligence intensive advantages, mobilize all the members of the CPPCC, carry out investigation and research around the center, around the hot issues involving people’s livelihood advice and suggestions, and strive to be a good helper for the municipal government. Three is to adhere to the people-oriented, efforts to promote the harmonious and stable development. Around the two themes of unity and democracy, to play the advantages of a wide range of contacts with the CPPCC, mobilize all positive factors, cohesion of all forces, efforts to promote the smooth and healthy development of the city’s economic and social development. The four is to keep pace with the times, focus on the ideological construction, style construction, organization construction, team building, office building and other work, makes model hard to perform their duties responsibly and pragmatic people, change style, self-discipline, strengthen the self construction of the CPPCC, constantly improve their own quality and ability to perform their duties.   read more

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North and south around Forest Park in Xining

25 years ago, North and South Mountain greening project started, this is the provincial government to make the decision more look far ahead from a high plane, is a historical choice made about 2000000 people in Xining! After 25 years of
, initially built north-south mountain forest ecosystem, we will take a new step, plans to declare the South and North Mountain National Forest Park city!
today, about South Beishan, every Xining people are proud, she is synonymous with "great". For her, a generation of people in Xining hard work, self-reliance, perseverance, perseverance, countless people’s sweat spilled on her backbone. Into her, the past lack of forest green desolate scene disappeared, her lush green, melodious birds chirping, Xining because of her green and more vibrant! Her miraculous rebirth, is the province’s perseverance, the embodiment of the eco province strategy to implement the specific embodiment!
the North-South mountain green, is to explore, is a challenge, it is a symbol of the masses and the forestry builders of courage and wisdom. Today, a new round of chongfenghao sounded, hearten spirit, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of a nail, strengthening do not get off the ground in my consciousness, we will draw a blueprint of the North-South mountain green in the end, make a positive contribution to the creation of the first area of ecological civilization.
should have a profound understanding of the strategic position of Qinghai in the national ecological construction, ecological protection, correctly handle the development of resources, improve the livelihood of the three, insist on the protection and development, make good ecological environment as Qinghai’s biggest advantage, wealth and brand, and constantly improve the green index, to explore a line with the actual Qinghai the development of production, affluent life and sound ecological civilization development road.
— Luo Huining of secretary of provincial Party committee Green North and South Mountain, is an important part of our province to create ecological civilization first area, to create great beauty Qinghai upgrade, is a power in the interest of the great cause of the ages. Work on the greening of the north and south, the determination and confidence of the provincial government will unswervingly adhere to the policy of long-term unchanged, long-term contract system, long-term leadership mechanism and working mechanism unchanged.
25 years governor Hao Peng
, made numerous "first step"
25 years, green mountain in the north and South in the process, we have made numerous "first step", we constantly self; read more

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Eight departments jointly informed consumer rights situation

from the basic necessities of life to play entertainment, people everywhere around the consumer, there will be a lot of things need adults. 3· this year; 15 international consumer rights day to the end, the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau combined with the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and other eight departments, jointly informed rights last year their supervision in the field, in order to provide reference for people’s rights. read more

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Municipal Party committee to actively organize and carry out voluntary transport activities of civil

In order to further promote the city "civilized traffic plan", in the whole society advocate a civilized traffic behavior, abandon traffic habits, guide the majority of young people and the public to actively participate in the volunteer service mode, and lead the civilized traffic action, promote the public to further enhance the awareness of traffic, as a contribution to create a national civilized city, at the beginning of June, the municipal Party committee, city volunteers association in the city within the organization and implementation of the "smile of voluntary service, create traffic civilization" civilized intersection persuasion and publicity and education volunteer service activities read more

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Our city to deploy the spring Patriotic Health Campaign and Patriotic Health Month activities

in order to effectively control the occurrence and epidemic of infectious diseases in the spring, combined with the actual city, aiweihui made arrangements for the spring and Patriotic Health Campaign patriotic health month, from March 20th to May 10th, to carry out the "popularization of health knowledge and health, health, environmental protection" as the theme of patriotism in spring health sport and Patriotic Health Month activities within the city.
  read more

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Overseas Chinese hometown line into Qinghai campaign started in Xining

hometown landscape far, the total dependence of two emotions. For the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the Federation Chinese celebration, September 23rd, sponsored by China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, returned overseas Chinese Federation of contractors, Provincial Federation of chamber of Commerce and the Xining Municipal Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and organized by the overseas Chinese hometown — into the Qinghai campaign was officially launched in Xining. From the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, Tajikistan and other countries and regions of the 21 Qinghai overseas Chinese nationals in Xining, in-depth understanding of the social and economic development and the effective way for hometown, hometown, combined with the feedback of their homeland service. read more

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Xining housing prices are not affected by fluctuations

For a period of time, prices outside the city price voice can be heard without end, especially since 2014, there have been a second tier city property market experienced a wave of price cuts, and even some real estate straight down half off, but the price frenzy does not seem to affect Xining. Recently, the reporter on the city’s housing prices interview found that Xining housing prices did not fluctuate significantly, the purchase pressure is not reduced, many in the field to buy a sound and prices are still rising in Xining to see the real situation, linger. read more

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