EU fines chipmaker Qualcomm for predatory pricing

BRUSSELS — The European Union has fined U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm $271 million, accusing it of “predatory pricing.”EU Antitrust Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Thursday the U.S. company was abusing its market dominance in 3G baseband chipsets and said it sold below cost to force out a competitor.Vestager said the market was too important to tolerate such abuse. She said “baseband chipsets are key components so mobile devices can connect to the internet. Qualcomm sold these products at a price below cost to key customers with the intention of eliminating a competitor.”She said the competitor was Icera.Qualcomm could not immediately be reached for comment.The Associated Press read more

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Geovariances highlights Minestis advantages in auditing Mineral Resource Estimates

first_imgAuditing and reviewing a Mineral Resource Estimate either internally or publicly is a multifaceted process for which no software can pretend it will provide all the required tools to tick all the boxes. But some solutions will provide better adapted platforms than others. Geovariances says that its Minestis falls into that category. Minestis is used for audit and desktop review of Mineral Resource Estimation projects.“By providing a secure and robust workflow which takes users through every step of the resource estimation projects – from data loading and domain definition to variography and resource evaluation – Minestis offers unparalleled performance to allow rapid and efficient analysis of key aspects pertaining to the review of an Mineral Resource Estimation.”These include:QAQC and validation of the database (through histograms, swath plots, cross-plots, exploratory data analysis, etc)Benchmarking of the actual geological interpretation and subsequent construction of geological volumes by offering fast access to alternative geological interpretations (using automatic data clustering techniques, implicit modeling based on a geostatistical engine which enables the characterisation of the uncertainty attached to the envelopes)Assessing the level of confidence that can be placed in the validity of the estimates produced focusing on the risk for radical errors or fatal flaws and appraising the materiality and risk attached to the decisions taken to perform the estimation of your deposits, in particular in the way they impact the economic evaluation of the project.“With Minestis workflow, you can quickly test the materiality of any suggested improvements/changes in the Mineral Resource Estimation parameters. In particular, the characterisation of the stationarity of the main ore domains, and relevance of histogram declustering, variogram, kriging neighbourhood, and top-cut parameters can be safely appraised. By letting you rapidly test improvements through running check estimates, Minestis will enable you to comment on the materiality of the differences between the Mineral Resource Estimation results and your benchmark estimates. You may also in the process rapidly assess”:the sensitivity of global and local estimates to compositing strategy;the sensitivity of global and local estimates to neighborhood definitions through superior Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis;the sensitivity of global and local estimates to top-cutting strategy;the sensitivity of global and local estimates to change of support models.“By offering eventually automated reporting functionalities, you will satisfy the criteria of transparency required in the reporting of your benchmarking and review strategies, to clearly assess and demonstrate the impact of the estimation parameters on the subsequent Mineral Resource Estimation that support the economic valuation of the project.”last_img read more

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Lastday uncertainty for three teams in Group C

← Previous Story “We’re ready to come back to the top”, says Nikola Karabatić Next Story → Omeyer is back in the game: “I am ready and hungry” aarhuschampionship handballDenmark HandballEHF EURO 2014handballresultssports handball Last Preliminary Round matches to be player the EHF Euro 2014 today, with Group C – labeled one of the strongest, prior to beginning of the championship, staying true to it’s predictions.The NRGi Arena in Aarhus saw anunexpected turn of events, as the slight underdog, Russia beat Serbia on Wednesday to find themselves within a chance of reaching the Main Round.Poland vs RussiaRussia will hope for good performances from Evdokimov and Igoropulo(sporting 7 and 6 goals, respectively) today, as well as Poliakov who emerged as a leading scorer with 8, with one point being sufficient for them to take two points into the Main Round.Poland’s ‘White and Reds’ are without any points from two matches in the Championship, but they will have a chance to earn the most valuable two so far,in a direct duel to battle-out the Main Round berth.The experienced Polish team will have to do all they can to secure the victory, and still be uncertain for their place under the sun of the Main Round, hoping for France to defeat Serbia. ‘Polish Eagles’are led by the ever-present SlawomirSzmal on goal, with their attack boasting intimidating firepower, such as that provided by MariuszJurkiewicz (8), their best scorer on the Euro so far.Serbia vs FranceSerbian team will wake up today feeling well hard done by, as they will have to get something from the match against convincing France to keep their hopes alive. With France the only straightforward participant, this will be a decisive day for no less than three teams in based Aarhus.With as much as six active scenarios on how this Championship could unfold, Serbia will have to hope their goalkeeper Stanić has ‘one of his days’ to increase their chances against high-scoring France. Marko Vujin (scoring 9 goals so far) will be no different, as THW Kiel’s right-back will have to go from strength to strength followed by the likes of Nenadić and Ilić, to improve the lacking attacking presence forfor his team today, when they throw everything they have on the Olympic champions.France have shown an incredible variety so far, with Karabatić, Nyokas and Guigou netting 14, 11 and 10 goals respectively, with Anić showing he can also be a match winner in a team of stars such as the above-mentioned Karabatić and Narcisse. With Dumoulin boasting 26 saves so far, thriving in absence ofOmeyer, who is still to play his first match of the EHF Euro 2014, France will have no real weakness in their team, as Serbia will be looking to avoid the ignominy of going home the Preliminary Round.TEXT: NEMANJA SAVICPHOTO: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud/ read more

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