More Options for People with Disabilities

first_imgMore options are being introduced for Nova Scotians withintellectual and physical disabilities or long-term mentalillness. Improvements to the Community Supports for Adultsprogram, including new and expanded supports, were outlined in apaper released today, Dec. 16, by Community Services MinisterDavid Morse. “We have heard loud and clear that Nova Scotians withdisabilities and their families want more choices when it comesto living in the community,” said Mr. Morse. “We will now move toexpand the range of options, including more individualizedsupport and funding programs that provide direct assistance toconsumers and families.” Community Supports for Adults is a voluntary program thatprovides residential supports for about 3,100 Nova Scotians. InMarch 2004 the department released a discussion paper regardingsupport for people with disabilities. There were more than 1,700website visits and input was gathered from 200 writtensubmissions and 50 consultation sessions held across theprovince. Responses highlighted a need to provide a broader range ofservices. As a result, one new program will be introduced and twoexisting programs will be redeveloped and expanded, supported byan initial $1 million in funding. Direct Family Support is a new program that will providefinancial assistance directly to families and consumers, enabling individuals to remain at home and in the community. This programwill be similar to the Children’s In-Home Support program, andwill mean that families will continue to receive seamlessservices after their child turns 19. It will be phased instarting in early 2005. Patrice Cantwell’s 21-year old daughter, Charmaine, needs round-the-clock care. “Since Charmaine was born, we have always wantedto have her here with us,” said Ms. Cantwell. “This kind ofsupport will help us continue to care for her at home.” The existing Supported Apartments program encourages independentliving, and is already successfully in place in some areas of theprovince. In the next year, this program will be furtherdeveloped and expanded, both in Halifax and across the province. The Alternate Family Support program is also expanding. It issimilar to foster care and will support families who welcome aperson with a disability into their homes and family. There are alimited number of these homes in Metro Halifax and the AnnapolisValley. Starting in late 2005, the program will be furtherdeveloped and become available across the province. Lorraine Bartlett’s daughter Tracy has lived with an alternatefamily — Patricia and Lloyd Mansfield — for the past nineyears. Ms. Bartlett takes comfort in knowing that this type ofsupport is available to Tracy. “This program has given us a wholenew lease on life, and Tracy is much happier and healthier withthe Mansfields than she had been anywhere else. A weight has beenlifted from my shoulders to know that there is someone who caresfor and loves Tracey as much as I do.” “We have heard from Nova Scotians and are moving forward to puttheir directions into action,” said Mr. Morse. “Improvingsupports for people with disabilities will be an ongoing process.We want to hear from Nova Scotians as we proceed to ensurefamilies and consumers know services are in place when and wherethey are needed.”last_img read more

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Presidents former Chief of Staff and former STC head further remanded

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